American Equus 24K Gold Stirrups

The E’Lan 24k Gold Stirrups are luxuriously crafted and engineered for performance. These stirrups incorporate all of the “regular” E’Lan qualities like ergonomic design and patent-pending traction pin system, but the solid 6061 Aircraft Aluminum construction in this pair is 24K gold-plated…That being the case, these stirrups are clearly the pinnacle irons for the most elite competitor. Perfect for the show ring, these stirrups will get you noticed! The luxurious gold plating is hand-polished to a mirror finish and electronically clear-coated for a lasting finish. The patent-pending traction pins are machined from solid brass for a beautiful addition to the flawless design. All American Equus products are 100% precision made in the USA. Made to order; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Call (480) 813-1833 or visit, $595.00.