The Largest Online Horse Market, ehorses, Has Over 1 Million Ads!

Online horse selling is booming!

Digital horse sales have been booming for several years, outpacing print media and retail channels. The international horse market has never been as lucrative as it is now. Especially due to the Corona pandemic, digitalization in horse sales has developed in a particularly strong way. 

Already in the past fiscal year, ehorses was able to analyse a significant trend. First of all, the number of horses for sale, stallions, horse shares, and auction horses increased by more than 4% in 2021 compared to the previous year. However, the duration of the advertised horses shortened above average. In 2020, for instance, horses for sale were still advertised on the platform for around 58 days, whereas in 2021 they were only advertised for around 35 days. This implies that more and more people are looking to digital sales channels to buy and sell their horses. 

Courtesy of ehorses

ehorses has now broken a new record in 2022, even before the current fiscal year has ended! For the first time, the online giant surpasses the million-ad milestone on its platform and logs more than 4,000,000 queries about the horses that were promoted! Thereby, approximately 1/3 of all advertisements come from the international market. 

ehorses has increased its number of advertisements on the website by more than 20,000 within a few months and once again impressively demonstrated its role as the leading online horse market in the world. 

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