Meet Our Team

We are small, but we are mighty.

Carina Roselli


Carina is a 3rd generation equestrian who currently trains her Belgian x Haflinger gelding (below) at one of the top dressage barns in the country. Carina recently medically retired from the U.S. Army after 17 years of service as an aviator turned JAG attorney. After taking orders for many years, Carina is inventing a new, creative, entrepreneurial, and autonomous future for herself. EQuine AMerica is 1/3 of that invention. The other 2/3 is Carina’s new law firm, CLR Law, PLLC, which focuses on estates, equine law, and land use law.

EQuine AMerica Magazine is a product of CLR Media, LLC—a female, disabled veteran owned and operated company.

Afonso Westphal

Graphic Designer

Afonso is the President of BemAmostra Editora, a graphic design firm in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He is also the previous owner/publisher of international show jumping magazine, Equestre Americas—EQuine AMerica’s predecessor. As such, Afonso also serves as a mentor and trusted advisor to Carina as she continues to figure out the fine art of magazine publishing and develops CLR Media, LLC.

It’s Afonso’s elegant and readable esthetic we all admire each issue.

Chris Roselli

Web Designer

Chris has worked in graphic and web design for over 10 years in both large corporate companies and small ad firms. Today, his focus is on combining modern web technologies with best practices to create the best user experience possible.

It’s Chris’s eye for color and perspective that makes our site so beautiful.

Steven Long


Steve is an accomplished business intelligence consultant and published technical author with a creative side that includes the passion for producing beautiful images. A photographer since childhood, His love of horses has led him to pursue photographing top-level equine events.

It’s Steve’s enthusiasm and technical eye that provides us with such fantastic visuals online and in print.

King Cornbread

Team Psychologist

King Cornbread is a stout Belgian x Haflinger gelding of dubious upbringing. He’s a mastermind at convincing you that anything’s possible. After all, he’s an abused lesson pony turned western hack horse turned dressage half-halting hipster (he rocks a man bun). With a draft body and a pony brain, his riding style and psych treatment methods can be a bit heavy, but you come away from each “session” feeling like nothing’s insurmountable.

If Cornbread can do dressage,
we can do anything.


Director of Stress Management

Res”Cue” is our guru—he’s a literal spirit animal. He reminds us that we all have periods of high energy and low energy, so we should just lay down when tired. And we all have days when we feel like we’re just chasing our tails, so we should probably take a break and go for a walk.

There is literally no amount of stress this face can’t cure.