About EQuine AMerica

Our Story

EQuine AMerica Magazine is a relaunch of international show jumping magazine Equestre Americas. Carina Roselli, EQuine AMerica’s Owner/Editor/Publisher, edited Equestre Americas’ U.S. edition from 2016-2018 before buying and rebranding it as a purely American publication.

Equestre Americas’ slogan was always “United by our Passion for Horses.” EQuine AMerica strives to take that homeโ€”

America is a country united by our passion for horses.

Our Mission

Expanding your awareness of the best America has to offer in horse sport.

We offer authentic, interesting, and intelligent content in a format that’s beautiful, readable, and relatable. We follow dressage, paradressage, hunter/jumpers, and eventing, and showcase America’s fantastic equine products, services, and talent (both two-legged and four), and the top artists, books, training, science and tech, philanthropy and nonprofits that make up our industry. It’s our mission to deliver elegantly designed, personally curated, all American contentโ€”even our advertisers are exclusively American!

Why the “All American” theme?

Carina is a disabled combat veteran who medically retired from the U.S. Army after 17 years of service as a helicopter pilot and JAG attorney. That life experience developed a patriotic spirit in her that she positively infuses into EQuine AMerica’s pages, and hopefully your hearts. Learn more about Carina and the rest of Team EQuine AMerica here.

EQuine AMerica represents the USAโ€”a country united by our passion for horses.

*We might dabble “across the pond” when it’s worthy, but you’ll see that designated whenever it (rarely) occurs.

Why the capital EQ AM in EQuine AMerica?

We’re holding onto our roots when we originally launched and spent our first year as EQ AM Magazine. EQ AM always stood for EQuine AMerica, but it’s abbreviation ultimately caused some pronunciation confusion. We decided to spell it out, but we held on tight to the EQ and AM in EQuine AMerica as an homage to our beginnings and to preserve some of our URLs and logos that remain EQ AM (you can’t fit EQuine AMerica in a thumbnail!).