HoofPrints from Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga Volume 6

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By: Kim Weir, Director of Strategic Growth – Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga

Horses, Health & History – Join us on May 30th!

Do you remember the first time you saw one of these signs around Saratoga Springs? 

If you were born and raised here, I’ll offer you a pass, but I invite those of you who consciously moved to the Saratoga Springs area to think about how those words first made you feel. HORSES. HEALTH. HISTORY.

Did they resonate? Did you wonder what they meant? Did you feel like they had been written with you in mind?

I am pretty sure that the first time that I saw the slogan, on one of those pretty green and gold signs, was the one on Washington Street at the corner where Cardona’s (formerly Roma’s) deli is located.  I would guess it was the summer of 2008 and the words struck me like a lightening bolt. I read them and I thought, “How perfect! I love all of those things! No wonder I love this place!”

With each year that I have lived within this vibrant community, the more clearly I have seen how these three themes run through the foundation of Saratoga.  They are the cornerstones upon which our bustling “city in the country” was originally built. Each word offers an answer to the question: “Why is Saratoga Springs such a special place?” Answer: Horses, Health and History.  While each word can be linked to a myriad of specific, physical symbols in our community, I’m most enchanted by the way the three threads woven together create the rich tapestry of Saratoga’s identity.

This week (on Thursday) the THS team – staff, board members, volunteers, Ambassadors and supporters – will be gathering to celebrate the “trifecta” of Horses, Health & History all rolled into one fun, family-friendly celebration hosted by Annie and Andrew Brill, owners of The Saratoga Winery, on Thursday, May 30th (6-8pm).   We hope that you will join us for this friend-raiser!  

Tickets are $60 (including light bites, live music by the Toga Boys, cash bar).  Click here to pre-register. Limited tickets will be available at the door.

Inspired by the arrival of the soon-to-be-history-making of the Belmont Stakes Festival in Saratoga (June 6-9), the Saratoga Winery team has created this event to shine a spotlight on eight Saratoga-area charities which promote the positive impact of horses on the health and wellness (and education) of our community.  Together, these organizations bring the magic of horses to Saratoga Springs all year long.  

The casual “friend-raising” event is called “Herd That! Celebrating Saratoga’s Horses and their Humans” and it is designed to introduce the Saratoga community to each of these terrific impact sector organizations and to enable each organization to share its horse-focused programs with everyone who may find their programs helpful.  Each of the participating charities will have a table set up in the backyard at the Saratoga Winery where they will share information, answer questions about their programs, and share opportunities to get involved.

Below you will find the list of all of the participating organizations, each focused on horses and dedicated to sharing them with our community in a variety of ways.  We hope you will join us on May 30th and we encourage you to spread the word with your friends, neighbors and colleagues who may wish to learn about the role of horses in modern-day Saratoga in the wellness of our historic, horse and health-focused community.

Together, we bring the Saratoga tagline to life: Horses, Health & History!

Please click on each link to learn more!

As Summer at the Spa begins, we hope to see each of our HoofPrint readers “out and about” around town soon and often.  We would love to see you at “Herd That!” on May 30th and encourage you to keep an eye on the THS website and social media to stay in the loop about future opportunities to join us and to bring friends and family to learn more about the work we do “Helping Horses and Healing Humans”.

Be well and shine brightly!

About Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga (THS)

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing retired racehorses and transforming them into therapy animals for various mental health programs. By harnessing the unique qualities of these horses, THS aims to provide effective, equine-assisted therapy options that contribute to the healing and well-being of individuals in the Saratoga Springs community. For more information about Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga and their equine therapy programs, please visit https://thsaratoga.org/